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Hello Delight with quality Matcha latte.

Greetings from the land of matcha, Japan, to the Netherlands! We specialize in  matcha and Japanese teas are dedicated to delivering the highest quality matcha to you. Matcha, renowned for its abundance of health benefits and unique flavor profile, has captivated people with its vibrant green color. Our matcha is meticulously crafted using a combination of traditional Japanese techniques and the latest advancements in tea production. Under the strict supervision of tea connoisseurs, we ensure that you experience the deep aroma and rich taste of matcha. We offer the finest quality matcha that will infuse your business with the enchanting magic of green. Let’s build success together! please feel free to reach out to us. 

Delight your customer with Green magic!

Since 2010, matcha has become known all over the world. And knowing the quality of matcha is important to satisfy discerning customers.  Good quality matcha has rich umami and sweetness, moderate bitterness, fresh and rich aroma and deep and bright green color.
The photo on the right is a matcha latte made with TEA THE MONENT matcha. Surprise your customers with this vivid green ! Of course, TEA THE MOMENT will share the recipe with you!

Where come from?

All come from deep nature in Kyushu south west of japan.

The rich natural environment of Kyushu plays a significant role in shaping the quality of our matcha. Pure air, ample rainfall, and generous sunlight infuse the tea leaves with a delightful aroma and a profound taste that is truly unique. It is this bounty of nature that gives our matcha its distinctive flavor.


These are the review from some of our partner.

High quality matcha supplier!! Their premium matcha is perfect for making matcha latte and matcha tea. They also offer cooking grade matcha, we use it for baking the cake, super tasty, 100% recommended!
Eric Slowthbrunch (Amsterdam)
The Matcha is amazing! It foams very easy, has a beautiful green color and the taste is very nice. Akira is a great guy and willing to provide the best service!
Koi Kampai (Breda)
The Matcha is amazing! It foams very easy, has a beautiful green color and the taste is very nice. Akira is a great guy and willing to provide the best service!
Franky bubble tea (Hilversum)


It will be shipped from the Netherlands. Domestic 1-2 business days. For other European countries, the number of days varies depending on the distance. It seems to be delivered in about a week.

It is possible to deliver samples. only the shipping fee will be charged in advance.
We will send you the following matcha sample boxes.
●matcha ceremonial grade
●matcha premium grade
●matcha cafel grade
●matcha cooking grade

TEA THE MOMENT’s matcha is certified organic in Japan. JAS has the same certification as BIO, the European organic certification.

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Japanese organic certificate (JAS)

Rich Match can be rich Mactha Latte

Quality and Fresh Matcha from Japan

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