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Origin of Teas




Green Tea grown in a rich and Fertile region of Japan

Kyushu 九州
Abundant & Fertile Land

Kyushu, in Japanese 九州, is the southernmost of the four main islands of the Japanese archipelago . About the size of the Netherlands, its southern location, along with a combination of flat and mountainous terrain, make it the perfect region to grow different types of tea. Spring arrives here first, which results in the first harvested teas coming from Kyushu.

Yame 八女
Tea Place Deep Inside of the Mountains

Within Kyushu, there are many lush tea growing areas, e.g. Yame in Fukuoka prefecture, in the northern part. The flavor, body and aroma of the teas are highly influenced by the type of soil, climate as well as cultivation, harvesting, production and preparation techniques.

Besides that Kyushu is also a great place to live, based on my own experience of having lived there. Kyushu is rich in natural resources and the volcanic soils and unique inland climate in Yame make it possible to grow uniquely-flavored teas.

Both our leaf teas, Sencha and Hojicha, as well as our Matcha come from the Yame region. Our Hojicha tea is known for its deep, smoky, roasted flavour, while our Sencha tea is more bitter and astringent . The Matcha tends to be 
more sweet and umami-rich. 

Experience it yourself.I invite you to enjoy teas and Matcha grown in a region with great soil and an ideal tea-growing climate.


Selections from Yame


Powdered Japanese Green Tea
Origin: Yame
Our Matcha is powdered Japanese green tea of ceremonial grade from the Yame region in Kyushu Island, Japan.


Yuzu brended with Steamed Japanese Green Tea
Origin : Japan

Yuzu japanese citrus fruit has a strong aroma and rich in flavor blend with Sencha is steamed Japanese green tea.


Steamed Japanese Green Tea
Origin: Yame
Our Sencha is steamed Japanese green tea from the Yame region in Kyushu Island, Japan.


Roasted Japanese Green Tea.
Origin: Yame
Our Hojicha is roasted Japanese green tea from the Yame region in Kyushu Island, Japan.