Yuzu Sencha
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Yuzu Sencha

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Yuzu Sencha Blend Tea
Origin: Yame (Sencha), Okayama (Yuzu)

Yuzu is a citrus fruit that represents Japan. It has a strong aroma and is rich in flavor.This product is a TEA THE MOMENT original blended tea that is a mixture of yuzu and sencha.

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Yuzu. The fruit represents Japan

Yuzu is a citrus fruit that originated in China and South Korea. The shape is similar to mandarin oranges, but the color is yellow like lemon. The taste is very sour and the incense has an overwhelming character
Today, Japan has the largest consumption and production, and the sourness and aroma peculiar to Yuzu are preferred. It is used for spices and seasonings in Japanese cuisine, as well as for sake and jam. Yuzu is loved by most of japanese people as an important ingredient indispensable for Japanese taste.

TEA THE MOMENT original blended tea

It is a blended tea that was born after our strong desire for Yuzu as a material and trial and error.
In order to emphasize the strong aroma of yuzu, we blended refreshing sencha and few some kukicha.

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