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Looking for extra energy?

Matcha bliss balls are delicious energy bombs that you can eat at any time of the day. They are in no time ready and the texture gives a very pleasant taste sensation in your mouth. Choose your favorite nuts and combine them with pitted dates. Sift in the matcha, blend shortly, and roll. Finish with […]

A surprising chocolate that you absolutely must try!

Hojicha chocolate just like the Matcha chocolate, very easy to make and entirely up to your own creativity. All you need is 15 minutes. Also with this chocolate, a surprising taste is guaranteed . For many people is it a new taste, but one that is very similar to the taste of coffee. In short, […]

11 easy steps for delicious granola bars!

Matcha granola bars are ideal as a snack in between or at lunch, but also for breakfast. The round shape, gold-coloured quinoa, and the deep-green color of the Matcha make these bars shine like a real diamond. In addition to these looks, the bitterness of the Matcha, the crunchiness of the quinoa, together with the […]