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【PopUp】Camera Japan 2023 , 28 Sep-10 Oct , Amsterdam Netherlands

Camera Japan 2023 – Japanese Movie Festival in Amsterdam. TEA THE MOMENT PopUp ■Event InfoCamera Japan 2023Japanese Movie Festival 28 September-1 OctoberAmsterdam – NL – LAB111 ■Contents●Matcha Matcha Latte Hojicha Latte Matcha Ginger Spark ●Tea Yuzu sencha Sencha Hojicha(Roasted Tea) Genmaicha(Brown rice tea) Wakocha(Japanese black tea)

【PopUp】MONO Japan 2023. Amsterdam Netherlands

MONO Japan – The exhibition of Japanese craft in Amsterdam TEA THE MOMENT will be opening popup at MONO Japan, an exhibition that collects Japanese crafts. This event, which brings together only carefully selected Japanese crafts, is a chance to experience something authentically Japanese. ■Event InfoMONO Japan 2023Japanese Craft & Design 15th – 17th Sep […]