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【Event】TEA THE MOMENT PopUp! on FeelGoodMarket in Eindhoven on May 15th(Sun)

Tasting Japanese Matcha & Tea for FREE.

Hello This is Akira
This time`s PopUp , I will feature more about Matcha.I am the man from Matcha countly Japan🍵.

It is the chance to try high quality of Matcha if you interesting.

There wll be two types of matcha shots, The one is matcha straight shots, The other one is sweetened matcha shots. If you like espresso coffee, you will be groaning.
We also have my best matcha latte. And of course Matcha chocolate which is always a best seller in

I will be waiting for you to visit our booth with quality Tea and Matcha.on Sunday in FeelGoodMarket.You can taste all of our Matcha & Tea for free.

■Event InfoFeelGoodMarket
2022/May 15th11:00AM~

■Menu for tasting(free)
Matcha Shot
Matcha latte
Matcha chocolate

(Roasted Tea)
Genmaicha(Brown rice tea)
Wakocha(Japanese black tea)
Yuzu sencha

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