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【Store info】TEA THE MOMENT Now Available at Dae Yang, in Düsseldorf, Germany

We are thrilled to announce that TEA THE MOMENT’s premium Japanese teas are now available at Dae Yang supermarket, located on Immermannstraße in Düsseldorf, Germany!

You can now find the following exquisite products at Dae Yang:

  • Sencha: Enjoy the refreshing and aromatic green tea, perfect for revitalizing your senses.
  • Hojicha: Experience the unique roasted flavor of Hojicha with its mellow and rich taste.
  • Genmaicha: A harmonious blend of roasted brown rice and green tea, offering a delightful flavor.
  • Wakoucha: Japanese black tea with a gentle sweetness and deep complexity, ideal for a comforting tea time.
  • Yuzu Sencha: Savor the refreshing notes of Yuzu citrus combined with the freshness of Sencha green tea.
  • Matcha Ceremonial Grade: Premium quality matcha, ideal for traditional tea ceremonies and special moments.
  • Matcha Premium Grade: Rich and vibrant matcha for an indulgent experience with a bold flavor.
  • Matcha Cooking Grade: Versatile matcha perfect for cooking, baking, and various culinary creations.
  • Hojicha Powder: Delight in the roasted flavor of Hojicha in a convenient powder form for diverse applications.

Dae Yang Store Information

Dae Yang is a beloved supermarket in Düsseldorf, known for offering a wide range of Asian groceries and daily necessities. It brings the taste and culture of Asia to the local community with its high-quality products and attentive service.

  • Location: Immermannstraße 15, 40210 Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 09:30 – 20:00
  • Website: Dae Yang

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