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【Event】TEA THE MOMENT PopUp! at Feel Good Market at Strijp-S in Eindhoven on March 20th (Sun).

Feel Good Market in StrijpS, Eindhoven

Feel Good Market is an open air market held once a month at Strijp S in Eindhoven.
It is characterized by a collection of original products and brands with a handmade feel that are not large global brands.
With nice music made by DJs, food and drinks, and a lawn square, the open space is perfect for dates for families and couples with children.

TEA THE MOMENT will be opening our popup store for the third time at Feel Good market in Eindhoven StrijpS. For those of us who don’t have a physical shop, this is a valuable opportunity to interact with the people of Eindhoven where is the our place. Meeting many people every time gives us great inspiration and joy. I would like to enjoy this time as well.

Feel free to visit our shop and try some Tea and Matcha!

TEA THE MOMENT booth, You can try all Japanese tea and Matcha, as well as matcha sweets!

At the TEA THE MOMENT booth, you can sample all our teas and matcha. We are planning to prepare the following teas.
We will continue to sample the popular matcha chocolate.

■ Japanese Tea
 ● Sencha
 ● Hojicha
 ● Brown rice tea
 ● Japanese black tea (Japanese black tea)
 ● Yuzu Sencha

■ Matcha
 ● Matcha Ceremony Grade
 ● Matcha latte

■ Sweets
 ● Matcha chocolate

New product launch! Yuzu Sencha

TI am happy to be able to make this announcement. we are launch a new tea. It is a blended tea of ​​Japanese lemon “Yuzu” and sencha.
Yuzu is like a superstar to me (& many Japanese). It is also used in many dishes, and it is customary to mix it with alcohol, Yuzu ponzu is my favorite with Nabe (Japanese pot), and you can put it in the bath at the end of the winter, when the sun is the shortest in a year.

The combination of Yuzu and Sencha, which are unique Japanese citrus fruits, provides you with a new experience. I’m looking forward to your reaction.

Event information

Feel Good Marke

March 20, 2022
Eindhoven’s Strijp S, Ketelhuisplein
Entrance charge free

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