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Happy new year 2022! Kanpai with Sencha Gin!

Happy new year 2022! 

I am praying from the Netherlands that 2022 will be wonderful for all of you!

I and TEA THE MOMENT will continue to provide high quality Japanese Teas and Matcha. And also I will release content that everyone can enjoy and study. Even for me as a Japanese guy, every day is for study and there are discoveries.

There was one discovery on New Year’s Eve in 2021. It’s a new way of feeling Sencha mixed with gin.

● Sencha Gin

Just soak Sencha in gin and leave it for about 3 hours. It will become an elegant Sencha-flavored gin. Just mix it with soda and it’s enough to enjoy with a beautiful color and a sensitive taste. This has become my new party cocktail.


Akira hayashi

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