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【Event】TEA THE MOMENT PopUp! on Japanese cherry blossom festival 日本の桜花見まつり at Nishi in Rotterdam on April 2nd(Sat) & 3rd (Sun).

Japanese cherry blossom festival at Nishi,Rotterdam

April is the season for cherry blossom in Japan. And this weekend, April 2nd and 3rd, at Nishi in Rotterdam, an event will be held that collects Japanese contents related to cherry blossom.Among them, TEA THE MOMENT will open a pop-up store. Of course, you can try all kinds of Japanese Tea and Matcha!

When I participated in the Nishi Mini Market held at the same place in November 2021, I strongly felt the familiarity and respect for Japanese culture from all of the participants and visitors. As a Japanese servant, I am glad that my self-esteem is tickled.And everyone had their own interpretations and expressions. It was a space and time that was very free and full of positive energy. It was definitely massive day for me.

And I was very happy that many people experienced Japanese traditional culture (tea and Matcha) through TEA THE MOMENT Everyone was showing interesting for Matcha and Japanese tea, but Matcha chocolate was especially popular at that day. So I will bring it to Rotterdam this weekend as well!

I really enjoy the opportunity to open a pop-up store.
I feel that meeting you in person and exchanging energy is very exciting and obviously enriches your life.
Besides, your reactions and feedback are growing me and TEA THE MOMENT.

Why don`t you come and have some Japanese tea and Matcha ?
You can try tasting all our tea and Matcha

I am look forward to seeing you at Rotterdam on the weekend!


■Event Info
2022/Apr 2nd & 3rd
Japanese cherry blossom festival


■The tea and Matcha you can tasty freely
roasted green tea
Brown rice tea
Japanese black tea
Yuzu sencha

Matcha Ceremony (for Tea Ceremony)
Matcha premium (for latte)
Matcha cooking (for sweets)

Matcha chocolate

  • Others will be updated at a later date
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