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【Event】Matcha & Japanese Tea Weekend at K.O.I. Kanpai in Breda, The Netherlands

The Matcha experience in Breda the Neterlands. K.O.I. Kanpai & TEA THE MOMENT will collaborate to host a Matcha & Japanese Tea Pop-up Event on 12 & 13 March from 13:30 to 16:00. During the Pop-up Event, I will: ● Show you how to make Matcha and Matcha Latte;● Give you various Japanese Tea information […]

【Matcha Recipe#5】Matcha Tiramisu – New tiramisu flavour has the answer to everything

Matcha Tiramisu Matcha Tiramisu with oat cookies has an interesting new texture and taste compared to the traditional tiramisu with ladyfingers and dark rum. A must try for everyone! For the real matcha lovers, we highly recommend to sprinkle the top layer of this tiramisu with some extra matcha. This is not only fantastic for […]

Happy new year 2022! Kanpai with Sencha Gin!

Happy new year 2022!  I am praying from the Netherlands that 2022 will be wonderful for all of you! I and TEA THE MOMENT will continue to provide high quality Japanese Teas and Matcha. And also I will release content that everyone can enjoy and study. Even for me as a Japanese guy, every day […]

【Matcha Recipe#4】Matcha bliss balls – Looking for extra energy?

Matcha Bliss Balls Matcha bliss balls are delicious energy bombs that you can eat at any time of the day. They are in no time ready and the texture gives a very pleasant taste sensation in your mouth. Choose your favorite nuts and combine them with pitted dates. Sift in the matcha, blend shortly, and […]

【Matcha Recipe#3】Matcha granola bars – 11 easy steps for delicious granola bars!

Matcha Granola Bars Matcha granola bars are ideal as a snack in between or at lunch, but also for breakfast. The round shape, gold-coloured quinoa, and the deep-green color of the Matcha make these bars shine like a real diamond. In addition to these looks, the bitterness of the Matcha, the crunchiness of the quinoa, […]